This charming lodge is located on the shores of one of south Östergötlands largest and most beautiful lakes: Åsunden. The house which is situated on the border between the forrests of Småland and the plains of Östergötland, plain forests is the ideal venue for everything from swimming and fishing to forest hiking, blueberry picking, or bike rides. Fantastic sea view from the house and garden.
The house is located in one of Östergötlands absolute gems: the small village Björkfors at the beginning of the Kinda Canal. Originally built around the mill between two small lakes, the village lives on with the small local business and growing tourism.
The house is located just 50 meters from the water where there is access to a private dock where you can swim. If desired, there is a boat so that you can go out to the cliffs or into any of the islands in Åsunden.

The house was built in 1840 and has been gradually renovated over time. Today we can offer the modern standards of high speed internet, TV, fridge and freezer, modern bathroom, washing machine etc..
Upstairs are two large bedrooms and on the lower floor is a large living room, a TV room, a dining room and a cozy old-fashioned kitchen. In addition to electrical elements there is a fireplace in each room.
In the shed there is an extra bedroom, work shed, woodshed and outhouse.
The house has a total of 8 bed spaces plus a cot and two sofa beds.
Summer cafe with a family beach is within walking distance of Valö, idyllic island in Björkern reached via a footbridge.